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Why Did My Computer Get a Virus?

You can still get a virus even if you’ve installed virus protection software. That’s because it protects you from KNOWN viruses. But the bad guys are out there creating new viruses every day. There is no 100% guarantee your computer will not become infected.

According to Laura Kavinsky with Click Away, a Diamond Certified company, here are some things that might help: 1)Keep all your anti-virus and Windows updates current; 2) Be careful about opening email attachments, even from people you know; 3) Don’t click on any prompt until you know it’s truly safe. One of the top ways computers become infected is when computer users click on prompts for “free” virus software; 4) Don’t visit file-sharing sites where you can download copyrighted music, movies, software, etc. These sites are a hotbed of viruses; 5) Be careful about downloading software from the Internet. Software downloaded from the Internet often contains viruses and other malware.

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