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Holiday Stress-Busters

This holiday season, prevent a stress-induced burnout by being proactive about self-care. Photo: American Ratings Corporation (2016)

This holiday season, prevent a stress-induced burnout by being proactive about self-care. Photo: American Ratings Corporation (2016)

’Tis the season to be jolly, but for many people, the holidays are more synonymous with stress than merriment. From checking off your gift shopping list to getting your home ready to accommodate guests, the nonstop pace of the “holiday hustle” can eventually dim even the brightest of spirits. That’s why, in the interest of avoiding a yuletide meltdown, it’s important to be proactive about self-care in the weeks leading up to your seasonal celebration. Consider the following ideas for busting your stress buildup:

Practice simple stress-managing techniques. You may not realize it, but the power to alleviate stress is literally in the palm of your hand. For example, placing your palm to your forehead has a legitimate physiological effect. Continue reading “Holiday Stress-Busters” »

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Tips for Planning a Bus Charter Trip

Long-distance driving can be a challenging prospect, especially with a large group of people, and that’s exactly why the charter bus industry has thrived over the years. In addition to being relatively cheap (about half the cost of flying), bus travel is one of the most fuel-efficient—and thus environmentally friendly—forms of transportation available in the United States. Charter buses are good options for tours, events and long-distance travel, but before you choose a service provider, it’s important to remember that not all passenger transportation companies offer the same services or implement the same standards and business practices. Before booking your trip, take precautionary measures and consider the following tips:

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Using Consistent Name Avoids Airport Hassles

As of last year, the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) started requiring airlines to collect certain information from all passengers. Under the Secure Flight Initiative, travelers now have to provide their full name, date of birth, gender, and a redress number, if they have one. (A redress number is for passengers who request a correction after having been repeatedly misidentified as being on the “No Fly” watch list.)

If you’re like many people, you go by different names—sometimes you’re Mary Rachel Smith, or you’re Mary R. Smith, or just Mary Smith. Small differences between your government-issued ID and your airline ticket shouldn’t impact your travel. However, to avoid problems, use the exact same name that appears on your ID to make your flight reservation. The TSA encourages you to update the name on your frequent flier accounts too, then use this same format consistently for everything travel-related.

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