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Industry Overview: Pest Control 101

pest control bay area

Pest control is a year-round problem for Bay Area homeowners. Photo: All N One Pest Eliminators (2017)

The Bay Area’s moderate climate and abundant green space make pest control a year-round problem. At any given time, residents may find their homes overrun with insects such as termites and fleas or confronting trespassing animals like mice and rats. While many are eager to eliminate potentially harmful pests, there are also concerns about the effects of pesticides on people and pets. In this article, we’ll demystify the pest control industry by defining key terms used by professionals, providing tips for a pest-free home and answering frequently asked questions about eliminating pests.

Key Terms for Pest Control

Broad spectrum: Something that affects a wide range or large number of organisms. In pest control, the term “broad spectrum” usually refers to broad spectrum insecticides or pesticides that kill a wide variety of insects. Continue reading “Industry Overview: Pest Control 101” »

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How to Prevent a Termite Re-Infestation

If you’ve had a termite problem in the past, the last thing you want is another one. While treatments such as Orange Oil and fumigation may successfully eradicate a termite population in your home, they offer no guarantee against re-infestation down the road, which is why it’s important to take preventative measures. Consider the following tips:

Thoroughly paint and seal exposed wood
One of the most basic preventative measures you can take to protect your home against re-infestation is to make sure any exposed woodwork (both exterior and interior) is thoroughly painted and/or sealed. Things like exterior rafter tails and siding should be coated with paint and sealant to effectively protect the wood from termites. An equally important part of this is “back-painting,” which is the practice of painting wood that doesn’t show. Though it might seem pointless to paint an area that no one sees, it ensures there are no vulnerable areas for termites to access and provides extra protection against dry rot. Continue reading “How to Prevent a Termite Re-Infestation” »

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