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Tech Support: How to Care for Your Computer

In today’s world, computers have become integrated into nearly every aspect of life, from entertainment and education to finances and even relationships. While we’ve yet to reach a futuristic reality where our devices have literally become appendages, when it comes to characterizing the role computers play in our everyday lives, a term like “sidekick” may be apropos—after all, does a day go by that we don’t spend time on our computers? And how many of us never leave the house without our smartphones, laptops or tablets? You might start to think of your devices as programmable pals, binary buddies, computerized companions…you get the idea.

Considering the pivotal position they inhabit, it seems only fitting that our computers should receive the utmost care; and yet, we tend to forget that they, like ourselves, have needs and vulnerabilities that require ongoing support. To keep your computer happy and healthy, as well as avoid common pitfalls like malware and data loss, consider the following tips: Continue reading “Tech Support: How to Care for Your Computer” »

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Tree Service Overview: Q&A with Justin Greer


Justin Greer is an 18-year veteran of the tree service industry and Director of Operations at Western Tree Removal Specialists, a Diamond Certified company. Photo: American Ratings Corporation (2015)

Justin Greer has been servicing trees for Sonoma County residents since he was a teenager, and today, he’s the director of operations at Western Tree Removal Specialists. We took a few minutes to speak with Justin about his field of expertise and gain some helpful knowledge.

Q: Do trees really need to be serviced? Can’t we just let them be?
A: There are a couple reasons why trees need to be serviced, both of which are tied to changed environmental factors. Before humans came on the scene, trees grew in fierce competition for resources, which kept growth in check. Picture a forest where not a drop of light gets through the broad canopy and the trees grow so close together that they’re practically holding each other up.

Flash forward to today, where the circumstances are reversed: Trees are often situated alone or in small groups, and they’re able to get all the water and sunlight they need—not to mention the synthesized nutrients we feed them via fertilizers, which are basically plant steroids. Altogether, this causes trees to grow much faster and larger than they had under previous circumstances. Continue reading “Tree Service Overview: Q&A with Justin Greer” »

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A Tale of Three Estimates

I wanted three estimates for new kitchen countertops. I knew the dimensions, the color and the type of material I wanted. Should have been an easy process, right?

For the first estimate, I made an appointment with a specific salesman at the showroom. I waited 30 minutes while he was with another client, but when I wasn’t even acknowledged I walked out the door.

I faxed the second estimate request as a different salesman at a different store advised. Several days have gone by and I am still waiting for a response.

The third company stood out because they’re right on top of things. I faxed the information; the lead estimator called for more clarification on the backsplash, and promised an estimate within 24 hours.

How you’re treated from the very beginning of a transaction is a pretty good indication of how the company will handle the install and follow-up service. Even if their price is a bit higher, it will be worth it knowing how much hustle they have and how responsive they are from the get-go.

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