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Diamond Certified Experts: Selling a Real Estate Property


From presentation to marketing, there are several aspects involved in selling a real estate property. Photo: Kerr & Jones – Terra Firma Global Partners (2017)

Whether it’s an investment property or your family home, selling a real estate property is no simple undertaking. Besides the high stakes involved, there are various logistical steps to address, from sprucing up your property’s appearance to planning your marketing campaign. To help you make the most of your property sale, we’ve asked five Diamond Certified Expert Contributors in the real estate field to provide some tips.

Presenting your property

In order for your property to stand out in the competitive Bay Area real estate market, you’ll need to get it looking its best. This consists of several steps, most of which fall under the category of “staging,” an industry-specific approach to home presentation. According to Patricia Scott Winslow, a real estate agent with Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty, staging goes beyond merely making the home appear clean and tidy—it also involves strategic use of light, color, foliage and furniture to achieve a desired aesthetic effect. Continue reading “Diamond Certified Experts: Selling a Real Estate Property” »

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