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Is a Sunshade Right for Your Needs?

Guest post by Jennifer Filzen, Marketing Representative at Acme Sunshades Enterprise Inc, a Diamond Certified company.

Let’s say you own a restaurant and want to create an outdoor dining space for your customers. You can have any type of pergola, sunshade or awning built for you, but there are several things to consider before making a final decision.

sunshades and awnings

Acme Sunshades installed this motorized retractable conservatory awning on a rooftop in San Francisco. Photo: Acme Sunshades Enterprise Inc., 2016

Is your outdoor area surrounded by lots of trees? Too many trees could blow a heavy pile of leaves on top of your sunshade and cause it to collapse. If you want an outdoor area with a sunshade, you should consider a retractable shade that you can move out of the way in the event of rain or wind. Continue reading “Is a Sunshade Right for Your Needs?” »

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School’s Out: Here Come the Kids of Summer

Parents, get ready, for they are coming.

Best summer tip: throw cranky children in water. Photo: Royal Pools, 2015

Best summer tip: throw cranky children in water. Photo: Royal Pools, 2015

Remember last September? Just after Labor Day, you sent them off with new lunchboxes, pointy pencils and extra-long pants. The classrooms unto which they were delivered smelled of fresh paint. They cried a little, and so did you. You went home to an empty house and drank a well-deserved, oddly uninterrupted cup of coffee.

Well, parents…eight PTA meetings, seven slumber parties, four music recitals and one soccer tournament later, your precious bundles of joy are coming back. Continue reading “School’s Out: Here Come the Kids of Summer” »

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