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Tip Sheet: Four Preventative Measures for a Tenancy

When it comes to filling a rental vacancy, a preventative approach can help you avoid future problems. Photo: The Dave Keefe Real Estate Team (2017)

While part of preparing a rental property for market is getting the physical space move-in ready, the other part is addressing non-physical details such as tenant screening. Due to the potential consequences of oversights or poor decisions in this area, it’s important to take a meticulous, preventative approach. To learn a few critical steps, read the following tip sheet by Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Sam LaPlaca of CM Property Management Inc.:

1. Verify income. Accepting a tenant who can’t afford the rent is a mistake that can cost you a lot of time, money and frustration. That’s why, in addition to asking for pay stubs and bank statements, you should run a credit check to further verify an applicant’s income. Continue reading “Tip Sheet: Four Preventative Measures for a Tenancy” »

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