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5 Overlooked Aspects of Home Energy Efficiency

While making upgrades can enhance your home’s energy efficiency, it can be counterproductive if your existing appliances and systems aren’t operating at peak performance. To help consumers identify key problem areas, we asked five Diamond Certified Experts to weigh in on some of the most basic yet overlooked aspects of home energy efficiency.

Photo: D. Cook Construction (2014)

To maximize your home’s energy efficiency, it’s important to address commonly overlooked details. Photo: D. Cook Construction (2014)

1. Air sealing – Dustin Cook of D. Cook Construction
Air transmission is a major cause of home energy loss—it’s typically conducted through cracks, joints, and other gaps between the interior and exterior of a home. A simple way to address this is to fill in breaches with supplemental sealing agents like caulk and expansive foams. Continue reading “5 Overlooked Aspects of Home Energy Efficiency” »

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