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Point of Entry: Getting Rid of an Uninvited Rodent

I named it Lucifer because it couldn’t help being evil. I’m talking about the rat I could hear scrabbling around beneath the heater vent in my kitchen every morning. It didn’t mean any harm, but the rustles and occasional squeaks were too much for me—it had to go.

As it turned out, my first move didn’t involve a pest control company. Before I could set traps, I had to deal with the brand-new front door dug directly beneath my front door.

Rats dig under stairs

Rats dug two new “front doors” underneath my front stairs. Photo: American Ratings Corporation, 2017

Before the rains came, these holes were caked with tufts of fur, eliminating any doubt that they were at least one major point of entry. Continue reading “Point of Entry: Getting Rid of an Uninvited Rodent” »

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How to Spot a Bed Bug Infestation

While they may be best known for their allusion in the famous bedtime children’s rhyme, bed bugs are a real and rising concern in American households. Primarily nocturnal and parasitic, bed bugs are so named because of their preferred habitat: warm houses, particularly around and inside bedding. What the name doesn’t signify is the fact that bed bugs feed exclusively on blood, usually from a sleeping human host.

Although nearly wiped out in America by the early 1940s, bed bugs reemerged in the mid 1990s as a legitimate concern. While it remains unknown why and how they made a comeback, the subsequent rise in home infestations has led to exponential increases in bed bug bites and related health conditions. Continue reading “How to Spot a Bed Bug Infestation” »

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Get Those Ants Under Control!

You can have an ant problem all year round in the Bay Area, if you don’t take some precautions. Richard Estrada, owner of ATCO Pest Control, a Diamond Certified company, says the first step is “getting rid of fruit, garbage, sodas and other food items that attract them. They love the same things we do!” Mr. Estrada doesn’t recommend spraying store-bought repellents because that just scatters the ants. What you want to do is apply bait primarily to the areas where the ants originate in order to get things under control.

Inspecting the outside of your home is also a good idea. Mr. Estrada says maybe a bush or tree touching the house is infested with ants. By cutting those limbs back, you’ve shut off the ants’ path into your home. While ants are valuable to the environment, you want to keep them outside by being proactive instead of reactive.

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