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Industry Organization Spotlight: PDCA

Founded in 1884, Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) is a national trade association dedicated to promoting high standards of excellence in the painting and decorating industry. Today, with more than 2,000 members throughout North America, PDCA continues to benefit contractors and consumers alike by endorsing professional ethics and education.

Industry standards
PDCA established its Industry Standards to protect contractors and consumers by defining proper procedures and workmanship expectations. The PDCA Industry Standards also serve as a time-saving resource for contractors when it comes to composing work bids and contracts. Continue reading “Industry Organization Spotlight: PDCA” »

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Diamond Certified Experts: Pro Painting Tips

While it may seem simple enough, painting can be a surprisingly complicated task. Photo: John Molloy Painting (2015)

While it may seem simple enough, painting can be a surprisingly complicated task. Photo: John Molloy Painting (2015)

To the uninitiated, painting may appear to be a deceptively simple task, which may be why so many people opt to take the DIY route when repainting their homes. However, without prior experience or knowledge of the many variables involved, a novice painter is liable to make a potentially costly mistake. To help consumers gain a better familiarity with the ins and outs of the painting process, we’ve asked four Diamond Certified Expert Contributors to provide their helpful expertise.

Avoiding paint compatibility issues: Cleve Dayton of The Painting Pros
When repainting, a common mistake is to apply a water-based paint product over an existing oil-based surface. Due to their differing consistencies, water-based and oil-based paints are unable to properly bond together, which means even a recently applied coat will soon begin peeling off the wall. To avoid this situation, always pre-test the character of a painted surface by applying a rag or cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. If paint comes off, it’s water-based; if not, it’s oil-based. Continue reading “Diamond Certified Experts: Pro Painting Tips” »

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Diamond Certified Tips of the Day: Best of 2014

There were a lot of great Diamond Certified Tips in 2014, but the following six are particularly noteworthy for the practical information they provide for Bay Area consumers. Visit www.facebook.com/diamondcertified for many more helpful tips in 2015!

1. Window maintenance
If your property has hard water, be sure to aim lawn sprinklers away from your home’s windows. Over time, the constant barrage of hard water can cause windows to become permanently stained, requiring special chemicals for removal. As a proactive measure, routinely treat your windows with a silicone sealant—it’ll repel rain and other sources of water.

2. House painting
When choosing exterior house paint, avoid excessive use of dark colors—they’re more susceptible to fading, particularly in areas with lots of sunlight exposure. In contrast, by going with light or medium tones, your house’s paint is more likely to look fresh and vibrant for a longer period of time. Continue reading “Diamond Certified Tips of the Day: Best of 2014” »

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Choosing the Right Paint for an Interior Project

Painting a room may seem simple enough, but there are actually many factors to consider besides color. To get the most out of your interior painting project, consider the following tips:

The complexities of color
The effects of paint color can vary significantly depending on how it’s used, so it’s important to consider the specific room or area to be painted beforehand. Color can be used to accentuate the good and mute the bad, and it can also be the difference between a room that feels inviting and one that feels inhospitable. A light color can be used to make a small room feel spacious, and a darker hue can be used to make a large room seem warmer and more intimate. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Paint for an Interior Project” »

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Savvy Consumer Tip: A Lasting Paint Job

Watch this video to find out how to get the most out of your painting project.

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Savvy Consumer Tip: How to Avoid Painting Mistakes

Taking on a painting project? Watch this video to learn some helpful tips for avoiding common mistakes.

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Diamond Certified Tips of the Day: Best of 2012 (Part 2)

And now, the epic conclusion of our Best Diamond Certified Tips of the Day from 2012! Look for the series to continue in 2013 with the addition of several new media channels. In the meantime, if you want to get the Diamond Certified Tip of the Day on a regular basis, make sure to “Like” us on Facebook!

5. Cabinets
If you want to avoid a full-scale cabinet remodeling project, consider refurbishing your existing cabinets. In the case of kitchen cabinetry, this can be accomplished by simply repainting and refinishing the wood. Functional modifications, such as replacing deep drawers with roll-out shelves for easier access, can further reinvent your cabinets without the need for replacement.

6. Moving
When packing for a move, you can maximize space and identify unwanted items by working in concentric circles according to your house plan. Start with the rooms farthest from the center, such as the attic, basement and storage rooms. After that, move into the bedrooms, family room and kitchen. Pack as you go and make separate piles for items you plan to sell, donate, or give to friends and relatives. Continue reading “Diamond Certified Tips of the Day: Best of 2012 (Part 2)” »

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The Latest on “Green Certified” Paint

With all the new Green choices out there for paint, it’s easy to get confused. Bette Asbra, co-owner of Pro-Staff Painting & Faux Finishing, a Diamond Certified company, says the biggest thing to know when buying most “no or low” volatile organic compound (VOC) products is that by adding any color to the base, you’re increasing VOC levels. Many consumers don’t realize this—the more color added and the deeper the color, the more VOCs. Continue reading “The Latest on “Green Certified” Paint” »

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Choosing the Right Finish for a Painting Project

Even after you pick the perfect paint color for a room, you still have to choose from five or six different finishes, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. To determine the finish that’s right for your particular project, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the benefits of each type and make sure it’ll be a good fit for your lifestyle or personal preferences. Before making a final decision, consider the following information:

Flat or matte
Flat or matte finishes are generally used on walls, ceilings and other low-traffic areas to hide surface imperfections and create a uniform, non-reflecting appearance. Stain removal can be difficult, so don’t use a flat finish in a kitchen, bathroom or child’s bedroom. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Finish for a Painting Project” »

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Watch Out for Painters Who Take Shortcuts

A quality paint job always starts with a thorough prep job. Recently I had 5 rooms in a small cottage painted and it took the painter more than 2 weeks of prep work before he even applied the primer! Greg Kuzmicki, owner of Solidarity Painting, Waterproofing & Restoration says too many painters cut corners by not prepping thoroughly and rushing through the job.

Mr. Kuzmicki thinks homeowners should be on the lookout for dry rot in particular. He says, “Most painters paint over dry rot because they just don’t notice it, but more often they just want to finish the job, get paid for it, and move on to the next job. This can be very costly to the homeowners in the future.” To be on top of things for your next painting project, know where your home has dry rot and inform the painting contractor. Check out areas around the windows, the trim and roof lines.

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