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Industry Overview: Pet Boarding 101


To ensure your pet is well cared for in your absence, it’s good to be selective when choosing a pet boarding facility. Photo: Dublin Creek Kennels, Inc. (2017)

Owning a pet is a big responsibility—after all, whether it’s a dog, cat or other kind of animal, a pet has the distinction of being a living entity (unlike your car or house). That’s why, when you’re out of town or otherwise unable to care for yours, a pet boarding facility can be an invaluable resource. To help you prepare for bringing your pet for its boarding stay, we’ve curated the following collection of information about pet boarding, including key terms, useful tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Types of Pet Supervision Services

Since there are several types of pet supervision services available, it’s good to know the full extent of your options.

A pet boarding facility (aka kennel) houses and cares for pets while their owners are away or can’t keep them at home for various reasons. Most kennels offer comfortable accommodations, feeding and medicine services, grooming, playtime, and socialization. Continue reading “Industry Overview: Pet Boarding 101” »

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Diamond Certified Experts: Two Aspects of Pet Wellness

When it comes to having healthy, happy pets, there’s no substitute for proactive care. Photo: Paradise Pet Resorts (2017)

Owning a dog or cat can certainly be rewarding, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the biggest responsibilities is caring for your pet’s health, which includes both their physical and emotional well-being. To learn more about this, we’ve asked five Diamond Certified Expert Contributors to weigh in with tips for keeping your pet happy and healthy.

1. Physical health
Just like us, our pets require a regimen of regular exercise and proper nutrition to thrive. However, there are some finer points of pet health that are easy to overlook. Dr. Howard Schutzman of Antioch Veterinary Hospital points to dental hygiene as a prime example of this. “Periodontal diseases like gingivitis are commonly found in dogs and cats,” he says. “If left unchecked, these conditions can infect the deeper structures that support the teeth and even cause general health issues like kidney and organ damage. The best way to avoid these problems is to be proactive about your pet’s oral hygiene by brushing or wiping their teeth and gums daily.” Continue reading “Diamond Certified Experts: Two Aspects of Pet Wellness” »

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Pet Boarding Overview: Q&A with David Weiss

David Weiss is owner of Four Paw Pet Ranch, a Diamond Certified company.

David Weiss is owner of Four Paw Pet Ranch, a Diamond Certified company.

A lifelong animal lover, David Weiss has been serving Sonoma County residents and their pets at Four Paws Pet Ranch in Santa Rosa since 2009. We asked David some common questions about pet boarding in order to gain a better understanding of the field.

Q: Why should I bring my dog to a boarding facility when I can just leave it at home?
A: To put it in a nutshell, leaving your dog at a boarding facility will keep it active and engaged. Not everyone realizes that most dogs are pack animals by nature, which means they’re social. When you leave your dog home alone, he’ll generally spend the whole day lying there, waiting for you to come home. In some cases, he might get so bored and restless that he barks incessantly or tears up your furniture. Continue reading “Pet Boarding Overview: Q&A with David Weiss” »

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