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All Systems Cold: A Checklist for Your Air Conditioning System

air conditioning system

Check your air conditioning system early, before the first heatwave hits. Photo: Kelly Plumbing & Heating, Inc. (2017)

“I thought you don’t need air conditioning in San Francisco,” we’ve all heard someone say (usually an out-of-towner). But anyone who lives beyond the city limits knows the truth: that cool and foggy peninsula is surrounded by areas that stay hot and dry well into October. The key to staying comfortable and sane during the summer is a properly functioning air conditioning system. Before you flip the thermostat from “heat” to “cool,” take some simple steps to make sure your system is ready to go. With the Bay Area’s changeable spring weather, be sure to check your system early—you don’t want to be one of dozens of desperate customers contacting HVAC technicians when the first heatwave of the season hits. Continue reading “All Systems Cold: A Checklist for Your Air Conditioning System” »

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But Baby, It’s Hot Outside: How to Prepare for a Heat Wave

How to stay cool in a heat wave

When it gets hot, stay safe! (Photo: American Ratings Corporation, 2015)

I like to joke that I live in the Bay Area because I can’t handle high heels, canned vegetables or extreme weather. As a native, however, I know the reality is a little more complicated. True, we don’t often suffer the extreme weather conditions experienced elsewhere in the United States. But it does get cold here, and, more pertinently, hot. Moreover, unlike the rest of the country, our homes and public infrastructure aren’t built to ward off either. As a result, when we have hot weather, we can find ourselves unexpectedly overheated. It’s no joke: hundreds of people die from heatstroke in the U.S. every year—more than the annual death toll of any natural disaster.

So, how can we in the Bay Area prepare for a heat wave? First and foremost, be aware. Most victims of heat stroke are young children and elderly or disabled adults. Never leave a child in the car, and check on adults whom you suspect may be at risk. Second, get ready for the heat before the heat wave strikes. Here’s where we can help: we’ve compiled the following tips on how to keep your Bay Area home cool in the heat. Continue Reading “But Baby, It’s Hot Out There: How to Prepare for a Heat Wave”

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