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Tip Sheet: 3 Types of Termites and How to Deal With Them

Many people assume there’s only one kind of termite, but in reality it’s not that simple. In fact, there are three different types of termites found in the Bay Area, which is why it’s good to know how to identify and deal with each.

Dampwood termite. Photo: Leading Edge Pest Management, Inc. (2016)

Unlike drywood and subterranean termites, dampwood termites don’t actually pose a threat to your home. Photo: American Ratings Corporation (2016)

1. Dampwood termites
If you find dampwood termites in your home, there’s good news and bad news. The good news: since they only eat damp, rotten wood, they’re actually doing you a favor. The bad news: damp, rotten wood means there’s some kind of leak in your home. Once you’ve fixed the leak and removed the rot, the termites will go away. Continue reading “Tip Sheet: 3 Types of Termites and How to Deal With Them” »

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