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Happy Customer Highlights

While we love receiving all kinds of feedback from consumers about Diamond Certified companies, we particularly love hearing the kudos! Here’s what some happy customers have to say about their recent experiences with Diamond Certified companies.

Consumers are saying great things about Atlas Landscapes. Photo: Atlas Landscapes (2017)

Linda emailed to tell us she’s been using the Diamond Certified Directory for years. She hired Atlas Landscapes last fall and says “…they were exceptional in every way and truly surpassed my expectations. The customer service and quality of work were what I thought I’d get and more.” Continue reading “Happy Customer Highlights” »

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How to Give the Right Feedback

Delivering feedback to a company is like landing an airplane on an old runway—it can be bumpy or smooth depending on how much work has been put into maintaining the area. Without the proper approach, asking a company if you can give some feedback can prompt a defensiveness that redirects your desired change into the weeds.

Unfortunately, some people’s definition of “feedback” is simply venting without consideration of the receiver’s good intentions. On the other hand, accurate and timely consumer feedback can be a company’s free ticket to a competitive advantage in the market. Here are some tips for ensuring the feedback you provide for a company reflects your desire to be a valuable consumer.

Make sure your feedback is timely. Timeliness communicates two things: the intention to avoid a widening conflict and an emphasis on factual information while it’s still fresh in everybody’s minds.

Focus on the problem, not the person. Instead of speaking about the intentions of the other person, address the problem factually and objectively. Continue reading “How to Give the Right Feedback” »

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