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Elder Care: What to Do When a Loved One Needs a Helping Hand

There’s usually a sign. Maybe your mother had a bad fall, forgot to pay her bills or is unable to keep up with her medications. Whatever the reason, nearly all families will come to a point when they realize a loved one can’t fully or safely take care of daily tasks. With the first wave of baby boomers entering their 70s, elder care is a growing need for Bay Area families. Understanding the care options that are available can help families make choices that will bring everyone comfort and peace of mind.

caregiver and patient

The best caregivers will focus on building strong, trusting relationships. Photo: Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa (2017)

In-Home Care
If your loved one needs some assistance with chores, errands or self-care, in-home care may be the best fit. Crystal Smith, manager of Interim HealthCare of Santa Rosa, says the key to a positive in-home care experience is building a strong relationship between the caregiver and the family. Continue reading “Elder Care: What to Do When a Loved One Needs a Helping Hand” »

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