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Start Fresh: A New Year’s Checklist

It’s no wonder the custom of adopting annual resolutions coincides with the year’s beginning rather than its middle or end. A new year means a fresh start—a milestone that signals an opportunity for positive change. Like a blank canvas to a painter, the New Year invites us to entertain new possibilities, inspires us to innovate upon the past and fills us with “momentum of purpose.”

While this sense of positive propulsion is often directed toward personal development, it can also be useful for accomplishing tangible goals, which is why the New Year is an ideal time to review and renew your to-do list. Whether you need to catch up on overdue maintenance, have a project you’ve been putting off or simply want to start off on the right foot, it’s best to get moving while the coals of inspiration are still hot. Here are some areas to address: Continue reading “Start Fresh: A New Year’s Checklist” »

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Tip Sheet: 5 Steps to Prepare for Remodeling

If you're planning to remodel in 2017, you'll need to get the ball rolling early. Photo: Case Design/Remodeling (2016)

If you’re planning to remodel in 2017, you’ll need to get the ball rolling early. Photo: Case Design/Remodeling (2016)

Like many Bay Area homeowners, you may be planning for a remodeling project in the upcoming new year. Since preparedness is the name of the game in remodeling, it’s best to start addressing the preliminary details well in advance. Use the following tip sheet to make sure all your bases are covered:

1. Get multiple bids. Getting estimates from at least three contractors will enable you to compare bids and make a more educated choice. Continue reading “Tip Sheet: 5 Steps to Prepare for Remodeling” »

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