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Making the Most of a Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is an expensive endeavor, so it makes sense to implement related energy efficiency improvements at the same time. By investing in things like roof ventilation, attic insulation and natural overhead lighting, you can increase the comfort of your home while keeping money in your pocket.

Replacing a roof is an ideal time to make related improvements to home energy efficiency. Photo: R E Roofing and Construction, Inc. (2014)

Replacing a roof is an ideal time to make related improvements to home energy efficiency. Photo: R E Roofing and Construction, Inc. (2014)

Roof ventilation
There are minimum code requirements for ventilating a roof, but it never hurts to exceed this standard. Maximizing your roof’s ventilation will not only make your home cooler in the summer, it will also help protect against moisture build-up in the winter. You can further augment your roof ventilation by installing a whole house fan, which, when properly sized, can significantly improve in-home air quality and temperature management. Additionally, a whole house fan is much less expensive to run than central air conditioning—not to mention more environmentally-friendly.

Attic insulation
Despite progressively increasing building code standards, most homes have never had their attic insulation upgraded, which can result in subpar energy efficiency. Replacing outdated insulation with a new, improved product will go a long way toward increasing comfort and energy-savings in your home.

Natural overhead lighting
The addition of one or more strategically placed skylights can both improve visibility and cut back on energy expenses. Since many homes have areas that receive little or no sunlight, a skylight can eliminate the need for electric light usage during daytime hours.

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