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Diamond Certified Community Giving Program

Over the past 10 years, American Ratings Corporation has been working closely with top-rated companies across a wide variety of industries throughout the Greater Bay Area. Their business models and philosophies may differ, but they all have one thing in common: they’re absolutely dedicated to supporting their communities. That’s why we’ve followed the lead of our Diamond Certified companies and launched the Community Giving Program!

When you sign up to become a Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer, we will donate $1 to the local charity of your choice. Membership is always FREE and comes with numerous benefits, including access to a members-only hotline, a double performance guarantee and a subscription to the annual Diamond Certified Directory.

Become a Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer today and help us give back to the organizations that have made the Bay Area such a great place to live! Go to www.diamondcertified.org/donate to learn more.

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Matt Solis is Editor at American Ratings Corporation. He holds a BA in English/Creative Writing from Sonoma State University and has extensive experience editing and writing copy for magazines, websites and other publications.

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